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Melrose Worship Services

Melrose worship services blend contemporary and traditional elements, with a focus on thoughtful sermons and appealing music. Our Youth Chorus warms us up and our Senior Choir provides wonderful punctuation to the liturgy and scripture readings.

Services are held in the magnificent sanctuary, surrounded by a colourful array of stained glass windows. (For more about our windows, you can download a booklet or take a tour through our photo galleries.)

There are plenty of friendly faces to welcome you, so please join us and stay for refreshments and even a chat afterward.

Summer Worship 2017

Summer worship at Melrose will, once again, be both interesting and diverse.  After the July 2 service, which will have at its centre the challenging story from Genesis 22 of the testing of Abraham, the next four Sundays will be led by a very capable team of lay worship leaders drawn from the magnificent resource that is the Melrose congregation.  Dr. Gardner will return to the pulpit on August 6th with another series featuring biblical stories and passages that never (often with good reason) make it into the Ecumenical Common Lectionary.  Be sure to join us in our beautiful (and comfortably air-conditioned) chapel at 10:30 each Sunday morning.

Rev. Dr. Philip Gardner